Edubirdie Review 2022

The company is loved by students and can be extremely useful in writing essays. Based on my experience, its quality of the essays is satisfactory. I noticed a couple of odd sentences, as well as a few missing commas, but it wasn’t much of a problem. Prices at Edubirdie are high considering that they claim that they only hire native English speaker. In addition, you have the option of choosing the writer you prefer although this may turn out to be a scam. Is Edubirdie scam? Find out here!

Service Review

So, what is EduBirdie? It’s marketed as the top essay writing service. students can receive prompt and professional support of an expert that is proficient in a specific field. But is it truly so that a business is trying to create the perfect image? Let’s look into it. has been involved in the scandal of cheating at school in 2018.

Famous YouTubers like Adam Saleh with 4,8 million subscribers , and British gamer JMX who had 2,4 million users have been criticized after the BBC revealed that they had been paid to advertise the writing services offered by the Ukrainian company.Read more edubirdie reviews At website Articles They were not the only YouTubers embroiled in the scandal the 12-year-old YouTube star with more than 200 000 viewers was advertising the services, as well as causing a public outcry.

More than 1400 YouTube videos praising the company were uncovered in the course of the investigation. YouTubers paid hundreds of bucks for their videos in which they talked about outside help that students need with their problematic tasks. What if the company had to make a payment to enhance their image?

Sure, the business had to justify what transpired. This is why “Boosta” is a parent company of Edubirdie, informed that they let the stars on how they could present their writing services to the public. But as we see, it led to unexpected results!

Is EduBirdie cheating? I’ve come to the conclusion that this tutoring service doesn’t do it right and is gaining popularity with customers. So, I’ve got some doubts on whether you can put your faith in them. After I had delved further and browsed through some photos of the experts, I found another mismatch. They have fake photos of writers. Their Prof Chris isn’t a true specialist in Linguistics however, he is a Medical Doctor.

Just check what I’ve found on the internet!

You may also google some consultants if would like to learn the facts. Sure, you’ll be able to tell to me the use of fake pictures isn’t necessarily a sin, and the quality of the assignments is impressive, but the issue is that the customers should have confidence in the organization that they are paying. Reputation damage is the easiest thing to do, however, regaining the trust of your customers will take much more time.

Therefore, is there a logic to it? Probably, no! Is EduBirdie scam? It is my hope that the organization won’t hide their real experts to the public in the near future because the majority of students trust the company and count on prompt assistance with their papers as per the plethora of EduBirdie reviews which can be found on the internet.

Pros and Cons



Online reputation

Is EduBirdie good? Find out what people think on this academic assister. Although the company attempted to create a perfect image hiring Youtubers they are not able to get the attention of ordinary college students. Here is what I’ve read within the EduBirdie Reddit review.

There aren’t a lot of followers on Reddit as well as other reliable rating platforms. I’m convinced that the system isn’t reliable because I’ve read plenty of both positive and infuriating reviews. You must know about the facts before deciding you should place an order through their website or to search for a different option.


Is EduBirdie legit? It seems to be. There’s a long Privacy Policy section as well as the Terms of Use. You can expect to spend up to an hour trying to get to know all the nuance of this website’s operation.

They claim that they refund the money, but will not see any information. If you visit their Money Back Guarantee page, you’ll be able to read phrases of Nicole Harris, their QA Team Manager, but no specifics. A vague description, and that’s it!

When it comes to the originality of the delivered assignments, they will double-check everything. My task was unique, however, in reading reviews, I’ve learned that the company’s procedures aren’t always followed. In conclusion, it appears to me that EduBirdie legit, but there is no guarantee that it will be one of the most reliable and trustworthy academic helpers.

Types of Services

Is EduBirdie legal? It’s certainly. The website provides a wide choice of services and caters to the needs of all students, including:

The Ordering Process

Does EduBirdie work? I’ve obtained a research paper from their writers, so I’m positive that it’s an authentic company. To complete your order the customer must follow the steps in four ways.

  1. The paper’s information should be provided (paper type duration, deadline, number pages, style, etc. ).
  2. Choose your writer among the bidders (you have the option of chatting with them first).
  3. Make sure you check the order (add more information, like a outline or draft of a page).
  4. Add money to your balance (the money will be released after you are satisfied with the paper).

When the payment is approved once the payment has been approved, you can sit back and wait for purchase to be fulfilled! The entire process took just five minutes. That’s pretty good, isn’t it? I appreciate every minute therefore I’m not going be wasting my time on the ordering process. If you’re more cautious as I am in choosing the writer, you’ll have to spend more time during the order process. It’s your money and your choice.

Pricing and Charges

How much do EduBirdie services cost? The cost depends on your assignment or need to finish, as well as the timeframe and the consultant you select. I spent around $20 per page, and I’m not able tell you any more about the pricing of their services because I’m not even sure exactly how it works. The most I can offer is to share the costs of additional services in order to prevent you from being scammed.